The DBK Group has been sponsoring a local football club for quite a long time. However, this summer a firm decision was taken to support football in Olsztyn.

In July 2007 the Managing Board decided to increase the financial resources allotted to the Olsztyn Sports Club 1945, assuming the role of strategic sponsor at the Olsztyn stadium.

„We hope to be able to provide the football players in Olsztyn with development opportunities and support for them to be successful in the third division and; it is also our hope that our cooperation with the club will be a source of a lot of excitement for the club supporters” – says Ireneusz Sobieski, Chairman of the Board.


The DBK Group comprises several companies with capital connections, which make every effort to provide their customers with the possibility to purchase a vehicle, trailer, spare parts in one place as well as have their vehicles serviced and obtain funds to finance the means of transport, in a manner suitable to their capabilities. Thanks to the services provided by a group of automotive companies: DBK, Bene Trucks, Eurotrailer, NL-Leasing, Benepol, a customer can come to one place and have all his business handled there, saving time and money...

It all started with DBK – an Authorised Dealer of DAF lorries. The history of DBK goes back to 1995, when the Len Go Group entered the Polish lorry market and transferred to its partner – DBK – its knowledge, know-how, years of experience and tradition of transportation services. Being a partner of the Len Go Group, DBK soon acquired the necessary experience in the sales, servicing and repair of DAF lorries. A small, local firm has turned into a national company with branches in Gdańsk, Białystok, Toruń and Szczecin.

Since the beginning, the Company has consistently followed the "total-care” strategy, which includes comprehensive customer service. Over 10 years of presence on the market has resulted in consolidating the company, which is now a reliable and trustworthy partner in the automotive business – the DBK Group.